Burnstown Brewing Co.

Produced for an upstart craft beer company in Burnstown, Canada, this project allowed me to develop an identity which local residents would recognise as belonging to the area whilst using illustrations and iconography which help easily identify the product’s nature. Following a number of draft designs incorporating Burnstown’s famous blue church and its beautiful setting amongst the pines we decided upon an identity which was bold, colourful and strong in its layout, typography and colour. Achieving top client satisfaction, this project may expand into packaging design in the near future.


Eight Ball Rally

I was tasked to create a brand identity for this European rally which commenced its first race in summer 2016. Throughout the concept process I aimed to incorporate a design which emphasised speed, confidence and used simple illustrations to hint towards the nature of the business. After experimenting with different typefaces and compositions we decided upon the final version which, with its slanted typography and checkerboard pattern, helps create a dynamic and engaging brand.



For this project I created a brand identity for a new e-cigarette business who were looking for an image which was vibrant and fun whilst conveying the nature of the product. Following development of drafts we settled on a bold and colourful design which would stand out to prospective customers. The identity was translated to various colours to represent different flavours and was adapted for a business card and print advertisement which was featured in Vapour Magazine.


The Truffle Store

During this project I worked alongside my creative director to plan and conceptualise a brand identity for a retailer of luxury truffle products. We aimed to create an identity which would be elegant and appeal to a high-end market through choice of typography, colour and illustrations in particular. Following development of the identity we created product mock-ups to help visually describe how the identity would appear across their planned product range.


Personal Information Management Corporation

Created for an upstart file-sharing and collaboration program, my aim was to convey trust and security. Following frequent communication with the client and several drafts we decided upon a design incorporating a sturdy typeface, a calming blue and key illustration to visually convey a brand you can trust. The design was later adapted to business cards which were subtle but still communicated the feeling of trust between the brand and consumer.