The client, Summersdale, asked me to develop a deck of typographic cards using designs based around curse words in various styles. The product was aimed at young adults with the intention of being purchased as a gift or for entertainment at a social gathering.
This is a twist on the classic "snap" card game, where players win by matching cards of the same suit. In this version players win by matching the words, encouraging them to read the cards and not be caught out by different words using the same visual style.
The client entrusted me to develop designs for each card, allowing me to research a range of different visual styles. Throughout the process I created designs which were distinct from one another in regards to their use of colour, typography and illustrations.
The game has proven successful in its retail release, with strong sales through outlets such as Amazon and WH Smith.
A moodboard illustrating some of the visual styles I researched and explored while developing the designs of each card.
Alternative concepts for the box, presenting a more vibrant and bold style which is reflective of the card designs.
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